Respect Week 1… with Actions!

by danscott77 on September 15, 2010

I’m so excited that we are finally kicking-off 252Basics again this week. We start our school year learning about Respect!

respect virtue

Here are just a few thoughts as we prep our lessons and pray over what God would have us learn as we bring His Word to the kids:

We’ve all had that moment. We’re standing in a moment and feel as though we’re getting hammered over the head. We feel small, insignificant… disrespected. Our immediate thought is retaliation: Saying that “dig” or giving that “look” that will give us the upper hand, that will help us win this conversation.

Then hopefully there is that moment where the Holy Spirit reminds us that the world isn’t about us but about something larger God is trying to accomplish in all of us. We take that deep breath. We remember that showing respect and grace in the moment is more important than getting the final word.

Respecting even when it’s difficult is the topic of our lesson this week. In 1 Samuel, we find David, the incumbent king of Israel being hunted down by the lame-duck. I can’t even imagine being David in this moment of his life. He’s been anointed the new king, and this couldn’t be what he thought he signed up for. Given the chance, he does the unthinkable and spares Saul’s life. David trusts God’s timing for this situation and shows respect and honor to Saul and his God-given authority.

Our bottom line is an obvious truth this week: “You can show respect with your actions.” Being obvious though doesn’t make living this out any easier. We’re constantly put in situations where all we want to do is lash out. God calls us to something better. Trusting him to handle each situation frees us from our anger and frustration, allowing him to work in all our hearts.

As we head into this week, let’s think about how we all trust God for every moment, even the difficult ones. Let’s prayerfully consider what situations like this we need to release back into God’s control. After all, we’re never too old to learn a lesson in respect.

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